Acquire’s Road to Dragons Launches on iOS, Android

The puzzle adventure game sees players completing quests and battles by strategically laying ground tiles for their party to walk on in each environment.

Road to Dragons

Game publisher Acquire, a GungHo studio, has announced the release of Road to Dragons on mobile devices. The game originally launched in Japan in 2012, where it has surpassed three million downloads, and is a puzzle adventure title challenging players to lay tiles to create walking paths for their characters through environments.

Road to Dragons 2Players begin Road to Dragons by picking one of four starting characters, each with their own attack speciality or advantage. From there, players lead a party of heroes through quests to save the world, taking them into frequent battles against dragons and other monsters.

During each quest, the party advances across the screen as players choose ground tiles from a selection at the bottom of the screen. These tiles have varying shapes, and players are encouraged to lay them in such a way as to lead their crew across bonus chests in the environment, or into lesser enemies to earn bonus souls. Souls are a kind of energy used to trigger a warrior’s skills, and are also spent to lay ground tiles in each quest.

The end of each quest is marked by a red line, which triggers a boss or dragon attack when it’s crossed. In each battle (boss fight or otherwise), players tap on individual attack tiles, or can tap and drag their finger across groups of tiles to make attack chains. If players connect tiles with matching symbols, they won’t lose souls for the move, and vice versa.

At the end of each quest, both the player and their units receive experience points, and players earn currency. Gamers may also receive Tomes for summoning free units. Players can add these units to their team, or spend them as fusion or evolution materials for the units they’re planning to keep. Players can also purchase new units with premium currency, or with the Friend Points they receive by bringing other players’ units into each battle with them. The type of currency determines the expected value or rarity of the received unit.

Road to Dragons is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.