Access your Facebook Account in BlackBerry Smartphones

facebookblackberry.jpgFacebook members who are also BlackBerry users would be delighted to know that the two most popular online communication tool/device have teamed up. BlackBerry users can now enjoy all the Facebook social networking goodness right in a secured BlackBerry environment. By activating the Facebook applications in their BlackBerry devices, users will have wireless access to their Facebook accounts anytime, anywhere.

The Facebook for BlackBerry applications enables you to access your home screen notifications, full text of new messages or wall posts, new photo tags and friend requests, your Facebook status as well as your Friends’ statuses, your contacts, photo-sharing features using snapshots you’ve taken using your BlackBerry device and the whole familiar Facebook environment which is fully optimized to fit the BlackBerry interface.

To enjoy Facebook in your BlackBerry devices, you must have a wireless data service plan, Facebook account, Blackberry smartphones with 64mb of memory, 170KB of smartphone memory, and device software version 4.2 or later.

To get you started accessing your Facebook account in your BlackBerry devices, you need to modify your Facebook account preferences first. To do this, change the email address you specified for sending notifications to the email address associated with your BlackBerry devices. Then turn on all of your notifications for specific Facebook account related updates to start receiving those updates into your BlackBerry devices.

The Facebook on BlackBerry smartphones is a free service but air time charges depending on your network provider will still apply.