Access Google Docs offline, and more new features

googledocs.jpgDon’t look now but Google’s free web-based desktop application suite, Google Docs, is becoming more and more powerful with different features introduced by Google recently. These features include, offline access, easy way of adding speaker notes and YouTube videos, and edit CSS.

Offline access to Google Docs was announced last week. It’s a new feature that let will let you work offline with your Google Docs account, including making edits on files. Then the coolest part is, the next time you logged in, all the changes you did on your Google Docs files when you were offline will be sync with your online Google Docs files. You don’t have to do anything to sync the files. Google Docs automatically updates your online account the moment you sign in to Google. There’s only one prerequisite and that is you had to download and install Google Gears. If you are using Google Reader’s offline access, Google Docs offline works like it.

The next new feature has something to do with Google Docs presentation. More particularly, you can now insert speaker notes on your presentation files in Google Docs. Likewise, you can also insert videos in your presentation – specifically of course videos you uploaded in YouTube.

And the last new feature, although not yet officially announced by Google but was discovered by the Google Operating System Blog is the Edit CSS function.

Edit CSS function lets you define CSS styles for your documents. You can add watermarks, repeating backgrounds, styled headers, image borders using the edit CSS function.

I must admit that I’m pretty impressed by these new features of Google Docs. I particularly love the offline feature as I could use it well whenever I’m accessing the web via mobile phone connected to my laptop. It will save me some good amount of airtime charges from my cellular network.