Access Financial Times for Free on Facebook

ftlovesfacebook.jpgWait, before you rejoice and start installing the FT Facebook apps, let me just tell you that this money-saving Facebook application is free for students only. It would have been uber cool if the application was made available for free to all Facebook users. But we can’t blame FT for restricting access to their free online to students; these students are after all their future users.If you are a student or you have kids and friends in Facebook who are still studying, then you might want to tell them about this new application. It’s the Financial Times, one of the most useful information resources for finance, economics and banking industry.

The FT Facebook application would save you around $109, the cost for an annual subscription to the Financial Times online. Once you install the application to your Facebook account, you can share it with your Facebook friends, provided that they are students (college and graduate students) as well. Don’t even think of fooling Facebook’s system, it has records of your profile and it can easily detect whether you are a student or not. I should know this because I tried installing the application to my Facebook account but failed.

So, again if you are a student and you want free access to Financial Times online in your Facebook account, you may go ahead and install the application.