A Visual Twitter Tribute To Steve Jobs: #ThankYouSteve

A Twitter employee has put together a digital tribute to Steve Jobs using tweets that users sent out in the hours following his death.

The image is quite stunning, especially when you zoom in to read all of the heartfelt tweets that make up the iconic image of Jobs.

Twitter user Miguel Rios (@miguelrios) calls himself an information design nerd, which was part of what Jobs was, too. So it’s a fitting tribute to convert the messages of love and memories of Jobs into an iconic image of the man who changed how the world interacts with information itself.

Rios took all tweets containing the hashtag #thankyousteve that were sent in the 4.5-hour period after Jobs’ death was announced, and made them into one of the most memorable images of Jobs we have.

Rios tweeted that there are over 1,000 tweets in this image, all of which he personally read and included in the design. He ordered the tweets in terms of which ones received the most retweets, starting at the top left and moving to the bottom right.

You can view the full size of this image on Flickr, if you’re interested in reading the tweets that it features.

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