A Very Brady Social Network

102-degree fever that is part of a nasty flu has left me exhausted and apparently delirious, because for a second I thought I just read that Greg Brady was launching his own social network.brady“Honey! Take my temperature again. I must be burning up!”

There’s no doubt that the 70’s smash hit The Brady Bunch has etched its way into permanent pop culture lore, but a social network?

Maybe I’m cranky from 48 straight hours in bed, but this stinks like a celeb using his name to make a few bucks by cashing in on the whole “social networking craze.” After all, this is the same Greg Brady who was content to get his lights knocked out by Danny Bonaduce on FOX’s ill-fated Celebrity Boxing. The same Greg Brady who is seemingly waiting for the day his agent calls with his golden ticket: production has begun on A Very Brady Kwanzaa.

I’m sweating again and feel a chill coming on.

“Honey! More tea.”

One thing which will not cure my aches and pains or distract me for a single second is The Greg Brady Project. The social network, powered by MyLifeBrand (they create personalized branded networks), has been launched by Barry Williams – the actor who can’t let go of the role that made him famous many decades ago. Featuring trivia, oodles of nostalgia, a blog and personal bio – the site has everything you’d expect from a social network. Still, I don’t see a need.

With the recent passing of the tender Sam the Butcher, this might not be an appropriate time to rage against the Brady machine, but I plead The Flu.

It should be noted that there is a tab on the network that says “Charity.” There is a number listed where people can make a donation to SmilesChangeLives, a group that aids low-income children with cosmetic dental work. How the site will contribute is not clear to me. What IS clear to me is the start of an alarming trend: one-hit wonders trying to build entire communities around a single success.

I’m dizzy again. Excuse me. This is so not groovy.

Website discovered via Mashable.