A Twitter Ad… From The 1950s

Twitter is a “sublime, mighty community” warming the hearts and souls of Americans. Well, at least in the sweet and sappy marketing language of the 1950s it is.

As far as I know, Twitter hasn’t purchased any magazine or newspaper ads to advertise its services… but that didn’t stop the team at 6B Studio from imagining that they did. In the 1950s.

They’ve created a vintage Twitter ad straight out of the golden days of hip shaking rock ‘n’ roll and dear old I Love Lucy.

The psudo-ad is complete with a pearly-whites flashing man in a snazzy suit holding up what we can only imagine is the “portable” device of the 1950s, if such a thing existed: it’s big, it’s chunky, and we bet there is an antenna at the back. Nonetheless, it tweets, and he’s clearly excited to be part of the “sublime” community that is Twitter.

Take a look at this quaint, funny little ad below for some old-timey smiles: