A Sticky Application

Sticky NoteWhen discussing the features that will contribute to an application’s success, you often refer to the “sticky features” that will make people continue to use it. The Stick Notes application takes sticky to a whole new level. When I tried out the application, I tested using it as a promotional tool. I attempted making a note which said “Check out AllFacebook.com.” The only problem was that the line with the domain URL overextended the sticky note. So if you want to write notes on your friends’ profiles with words that are 15 letters or longer, you are pretty much out of luck. Good thing I don’t typically use long words. But what if I want to write “supercalifragilisticexpialadocious” on my friend’s profile, you ask? You are out of luck my friend. I am sorry. If you like to write with shorter words, go check out the Sticky Notes application because this may just be the app for you. Almost 750,000 people seem to be enjoying it.