A Snapshot of the D.C. Scene

Left to right: BrandLinkDC's Jayne Sandman and Barbara Martin. Photo: Andrew Councill for The New York Times

‘Tis the season for events, a topic we visited recently with Peppercom’s Maggie O’Neill, and one that the New York Times turns to in its gushing story about BrandLinkDC.

The article says the firm’s principals, Barbara Martin and Jayne Sandman, have managed to capitalize on the luxury companies heading to the D.C. area and the social scene that the Obama administration sets.

More than that, the story uses one event to describe what the Washington D.C. event scene is like. Both political and non-political guests were in attendance as well as celebs both major and minor.

“Where Jayne and Barbara have thrived is that they use strategy to capture momentum of a changing, thriving city but also effectively educating their clients on how to access this new culture,” Karen Sommer Shalett, EIC of DC Magazine says.

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