A Show Called ‘Selfie’ Is Coming and It’s Probably Going To Be Pretty Bad

Maybe it's a gem in disguise. But probably not.

selfieWe’re getting all sorts of sneak peeks at the TV shows coming out of the network upfronts. And one that caught our eye was Selfie for three reasons: it stars John Cho; he plays a marketing expert; and it looks like it’s going to be bad.

A play on My Fair Lady, the show is about a narcissistic selfie-taker named Eliza (Karen Gillan from Dr. Who) who wants to be remade, Pygmalion style, into a better person with some help from Cho (Henry Higgins). Sounds like the plot of a TV movie rather than a whole series because at some point the transformation will be complete right? But the trailer tells us that our protagonist is in such a bad way that simple things, like the common courtesy of knowing the name of a woman that you pass at the office every day, need to be relearned.

A million sighs. Really, I need John Cho to win. He was an excellent Sulu in Star Trek and though he has a recurring role on Sleepy Hollow, he’s kind of dead on that show. (If you watch the show, you know what we mean.) But we’re afraid this is not the vehicle for winning.

Moreover, a marketing specialist can do a lot of things, but they’re not magicians.

Many jokes, articles, memes, viral videos and TV show episodes have tried to tackle what it means to be obsessed with social media. We get a nearly daily dose of it from those analyzing James Franco and from James Franco himself. The problem here isn’t that Eliza spends too much time online. Most of us do that and we don’t need a personality makeover necessarily. It’s that she’s a socially awkward hot mess. Those are different things. Since she’s the main character and she’s kind of annoying in just a small clip, this could pose a problem.

Moreover, if Higgins was really the in-demand marketing guru that he’s meant to be here, he wouldn’t have time to entertain these antics.

But it’s a show right? And you never know. It’ll air on ABC this fall. Maybe the trailer is hiding a gem. It does have a rom-com feel and maybe it’ll be kind of screwball and funny. Please let this be true because seriously. John. Cho.

[h/t Mashable]