A Paypal Payment Scam Arrives

Allen Stern has covered yet another payment application that leverages Paypal. This one looks like a huge scam though that is used to generate affiliate revenue for the application creators. The developers are even claiming that this application has been created by PayPal. They have gone so far as to set up a false PayPal marketing site that is intended to look just like an official site. Scam alert!

I haven’t reached out to anybody at Paypal but I am confident that this is definitely not a Paypal site and this application will soon be shut down due to false representation. This scam has been thoroughly developed. The developers have even gone so far as to create a fake Paypal profile. Talk about illegal. Want to get yourself into trouble? Go build an application that falsely represents an online payment system.

Unfortunately the Facebook platform is still down and I haven’t been able to test out the application but I don’t really need to test it out to know that this is definitely a scam. All the links to this application are ad urls. I’m surprised that the application has been around for this long. Is this a violation of Facebook terms of service? I’m not sure but I’m sure it’s a violation of PayPal’s.

I doubt that this application will be around a few days from now. If you want to be smart, heed my advice: don’t install the fake paypal application.

It appears as this app may just be the real deal. A whois shows the nameserver ending in “paypal.com.” It is still strange that they chose to use the domain www.paypal-marketing.co.uk though and even stranger that the homepage shows the words “Default.” Paypal has definitely messed up on this application. Allen Stern wrote this morning though that the application was not working. I believe that was actually a result of the Facebook platform going down. It appears to be up and working again.