A New PSA Explains Why You Shouldn’t Pee In The Pool

It could be hazardous to your health.

swimmingIt’s summer and that means spending time at the pool. As much fun as this is, there’s always the niggling feeling you have — perhaps in the back of your mind, maybe in the pit of your stomach — that jumping in for a dip is tantamount to swimming in urine. Especially when there’s a bunch of kids involved. Because you know the kiddies aren’t getting out of the pool for a bathroom break when they can just cut loose in the pool and keep on playing. Oh goodness, the whole thing is making me nauseous.

Well actually, besides that nausea, high concentrations of urine in a pool can actually cause respiratory problems and irritation to the skin and eyes. This is the message that The American Chemical Society wants to share with everyone this season. And if you can pass it along using a little science, that might help. The PSA, available after the jump, will help you make your case.

If I had one quibble about this PSA, it’s that it does take itself a bit too seriously. We’re talking about peeing in the pool and while these are scientists who want their message to be taken to heart, this is a topic that most people will giggle about. Perhaps the ACS can take a lesson from Schoolhouse Rock, which managed to teach everyone what a bill is and how to use an adverb without boring us to tears.


h/t Salon; image via Shutterstock


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