A Fierce Battle Ignites Between AP and Bloggers

Over the weekend the Drudge Retort received take down notifications from the Associated Press for republishing the title and first few sentences of a story. It has created an uproar around the blogosphere resulting in a boycott of AP content by bloggers. According to the New York Times, the Associated Press is looking to set guidelines for how their content will be used.

In the world of blogging there are not many guidelines for how content is reused. For the most part, all that is required for the republishing of content is a link to the original. Frequently blogs will republish entire pieces of content. The examples used by the Associated Press are somewhat ridiculous considering the vast amount of content that is completely stripped from their content owners on a daily basis.

If you take a look at Digg, Mixx or any other content aggregator, titles and sentences are reused from articles on a daily basis. This is pretty much a standard of practice for content aggregators. For some reason, the Drudge Report can’t do this though. The end result is that AP will not get their content linked to by bloggers from now on.

Apparently AP doesn’t want the traffic. While my sites don’t have as much influence as some of the largest blogs, I’ll go along with the boycott. Ultimately, who doesn’t want to be engaged in a mini-battle once in a while? Do you think the Associated press will review and retract their soon to be announced guidelines?