A Style Revolution: 5 Online Magazines for Men’s Fashion

Gone are the days when fashion was a girls-only club, as social media has opened the gate for fashionistos everywhere

“Fashions fade, style is eternal” – Yves St. Laurent.

For so long, fashion was a women’s world. If fashion was a castle, women played the queen, the king, and the courtesan, and men were kept just outside the kingdom’s gates. In the Western world, women have always been at the centre of the fashion industry while men have long served as the handmaidens.

This isn’t to say that men haven’t been interested in or invested in fashion; men have always expressed themselves through clothing, and clothing has always expressed itself through men, yet somewhere in the course of history, fashion has been grouped under “women’s interests,” filed neatly away under the “liberal arts.”

New forms allow for new types of creative expression; the men’s fashion blogs of today express a new certainty about what it means to be male.  Gone are the days when fashion was a girls-only club, as social media has opened the gate for fashionistos everywhere. In the new and inclusive world of fashion, men can not only better access styles and trends, they can also tap into a growing creative world where fashion is the medium and style the message. Thanks to the online world of free expression, the language of men’s fashion has found a space to converse, and we’ve only begun to translate this discourse.

Here’s my list of the top five contemporary  men’s fashion blogs. Some of these blogs have been around for years, while others are brand new, but all of them speak the parlance of men’s fashion that’s just begun to sound:

The Fashionisto: Known for it’s fresh-off-the-runway updates, The Fashionisto connects you to the latest news in men’s fashion. By following models, designers, campaigns, and other publications, The Fashionisto never skips a beat when it comes to what’s hot in the industry. What makes this webspace successful is its exclusive interviews and editorials, and, of course, what would a fashion blog be without fantastic images? Props to The Fashionisto’s photographer.

Fashioning Man Magazine: Recently launched by Toronto’s own Marcus Laczko, Fashioning Man is a webspace that’s about so much more than fashion: it’s about, to quote their manta, “creating an open dialogue about men’s style.” After taking a sojourn to the Chilean Desert, Laczko decided to launch the magazine along with the help of a robust tribe of creative leaders. “This is a magazine with heart. This is a magazine with gut. This is Fashioning Men magazine”  (Watch FM’s launch video here)

Fucking Young: Trendy, hipster, urban—if I had to sum up the trajectory of Fucking Young in three words, these would be the words. Perhaps add “edgy” to that list. What I love most about FY’s blog is the layout, which is just as stylish as its content. Feast your eyes on this ensemble of catching runway images and editorial spreads featuring both fashion’s big names and indie designers.

Mr. Porter: For the classy, modern man with more than a dime in his pocket. Mr. Porter isn’t just about showcasing designer fashion, it’s also about disseminating it: order directly from their website, shopping by label or designer. You’ll also find style tips and interviews with the men behind the labels.

In North America, you can’t talk about men’s fashion without talking about Harry Rosen. With their blog recently revamped under the direction of none other than James Chatto, the Harry Rosen blog embodies all that’s classic and iconic about men’s style while still staying in touch with what’s new and contemporary.