A Double Whammy to Stay Connected

jygySocial networks keep us all connected. Our mobile devices keep us all connected. So bridging the gap to keep us SUPER connected is a no-brainer. While most social networks’ offer mobile platforms, Jygy hopes you’ll give them a shot.Giving users a chance to access all of the major social network sites from your mobile device, Jygy lets you check your profile pages and update information on the fly.

What sets Jygy apart is that you can network through text messages, take a poll of your friends and even start a mobile chatroom. Folks who want to take the free service a step further can set up a “groove,” your very own unique mobile service that you can share with friends. For example, Andrew G.R.’s Daily Tip, where I would automatically send you some useful information each day.

The most useful application I see for the site is to be able to poll your friends on the go. For example, ‘Do you guys want Chinese or pizza tonight?’

Chat rooms can consist of up to 10 friends at once. So if no one wants pizza or Chinese, you can all convene remotely to hammer out this ever-important decision.

You can interact via Web, WAP and SMS – the choice is yours.