A Different Kind of Impeachment Talk; Hasselhoff Channels Knight Rider: Friday’s First Things First

Plus, a new kind of TV ad format

Side-by-side photos of Beanie Feldstein, Sarah Paulson and Annaleigh Ashford
Beanie Feldstein, Sarah Paulson and Annaleigh Ashford will star in Season 3 of American Crime Story. Getty Images

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We’ll Be Talking ‘Impeachment’ Again in a Year

No, this isn’t a story about the House of Representatives’ inquiry into Donald Trump. This is a story about the White House, some 20 years ago. The next season of American Crime Story is titled Impeachment. And it will premiere exactly one year from today. The series will tell the story of Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky and feature actresses Beanie Feldstein, Sarah Paulson and Annaleigh Ashford.

Read more: Go inside how FX and Ryan Murphy developed the idea, choosing it over a handful of storylines under consideration.

Sprint Cashes In on Chatbots

In just nine months, the amount of online chats conducted by machine-learning-powered bots has increased from 4% to 30%. That’s an astounding seven-fold increase in 2019. As part of this explosion, Sprint is using chatbots to cut customer service calls by nearly a third.

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Royal Caribbean Goes Blank

If you watched NBC, USA, Bravo or E! last night, you may have caught an ad for Royal Caribbean that began with four seconds of black. It’s a new ad unit for NBCUniversal that is dubbed “must-hear TV.” The sound of rushing water opens the ad before taking viewers into a Royal Caribbean experience.

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Just Briefly: The Rest of Today’s Top Insights and News

Ad of the Day: David Hasselhoff Fights Crime on a Moped

Knight Rider? More like Not Quite Rider.

1980s TV icon David Hasselhoff is back in action as a Michael Knight-esque crime fighter on wheels, though admittedly he’s shed some horsepower along the way. It’s all an ad for an automotive marketplace, and, as you might imagine, it’s from Germany.

3 Tips From Rhonda Contreras, principal, The Richards Group

What’s the one skill advertisers and marketers must have now that they didn’t really need three years ago?
An understanding of how to use data not only as a measure of results but also as inspiration for creative that actually solves business challenges while creating an emotional connection. For us, it’s all about the work. So how do we use data to make the work better?

How did you overcome a tough moment in your career?
My toughest career moment was learning the difference between management and leadership. As a young, type-A team leader, I made the mistake of trying to manage people into doing things my way. And guess what? Nobody wants to be managed. But everyone wants to be empowered and motivated. Today, my goal is to enable a team to do our best work for our clients—which almost always means doing things somebody else’s way. Lesson learned!

When your team is stuck, what’s an effective brainstorming tool?
Sticky notes. Pass them out; write one idea per sticky note—especially the bad ideas—to get as many ideas as you can in five minutes or so. Share the ideas and build upon them as a group.