A Couple Used Twitter to Broadcast Their Marriage Proposal

It was more than 140 characters.

Twitter is really trying to make Periscope happen and this should help.

A couple recently became engaged and it was all broadcast on the Twitter Livestream service Periscope. #TheOne is a campaign launched by the Irish band Kodaline to promote their song Coming Up For Air. And in a first, the band used Periscope to air a marriage proposal (after a serenade, of course).

According to TechCrunch, Twitter has been tapping celebrities who use Meerkat and telling them to use Periscope instead.

“Sources also say Twitter has been in touch with media companies that use Meerkat, going so far as to imply that if they don’t exclusively use Periscope, it could cut off their access to Amplify,” the article adds. Twitter ultimately cut Meerkat off of its social graph after acquiring Periscope, TechCrunch says.

The two are in a heated competition with each other, along with the many other platforms, vying for users and eyeballs. Celebrities and marriage proposals are definitely one way to get some attention.

But then there’s the question of whether this battle will start crossing the line into intrusive, the way the selfie stick has. You can’t help but watch this video and think a) the romance of the moment is immediately sucked out of it when the guy shows up with the camera (my colleague thinks this was staged) and b) it’s inevitable that we’ll start hearing about bans on filming in places and situations that we haven’t thought of yet. HBO is already angry at Twitter/Periscope because people were livestreaming the premiere of Game of Thrones.

In the meantime, we have this. Congrats to the (possibly pretend) couple.

h/t @_PatrickJeffrey