A Business Insider’s Look at Promoted Tweets

While Twitter hasn’t released much information about their Promoted Tweets and other products just yet, one of their beta test partners, Mongoose Metrics, has taken it upon itself to shed some light on the results of purchasing a Promoted Product. The company details its successes with – and questions about – Promoted Products in a refreshing display of transparency.

The Mongoose Metrics blog today released updated stats and info about the company’s foray into social advertising on Twitter, a post that followed up on their original Promoted Tweet analysis early December.

Mongoose Metrics is currently testing 14 distinct campaigns on Twitter, so their insight comes from a lot of trial and error.

First, they give a good overview of the process of actually purchasing a Promoted Tweet. They say that bidding on terms to associate with Promoted Tweets is competitive, and begins at $.10 per engagement (defined as a retweet, favorite, reply or click). And they note that some terms (“SEO” for instance) have a higher starting bid price.

The company comments on Twitter’s policy that all Promoted Tweets must be organically produced within the Twitter-verse before they can be upgraded to “Promoted”. Twitter touted this as a way to ensure that advertising doesn’t change the structure of Twitter’s network, but Mongoose Metrics feels differently:

“We’re not particularly fond of this method as it forces us to Tweet out self-promotional Tweets each time we refresh a campaign.”

Like several other companies who have been in on the beta testing of Promoted Products, Mongoose Metrics notes that there is little analytic data available for parts of the process.

And for full transparency, Mongoose Metrics provides just how many impressions, interactions and conversions that they’ve received for their Promoted Tweets:

961,000 Tweet Impressions
18,000 Clicks
168 Replies
126 Conversions
Cost = $2067

We’re not sure if the low price-tag represents the fact that they are beta testers and would be much higher if they were not, but at this price-point, Promoted Tweets definitely look like an attractive marketing tool for medium and large businesses.