A Blogger Gets An Intimate Look at iBooks

He didn’t tell us how, but blogger Mike cane got a firsthand peek at iBooks and posted a hell of a lot of info and images of the store. According to Cane, here’s a screenshot of the front page:


Looks pretty basic, though this is surely an early draft. Cane notes that the featured title at the top rotates, as with iTunes.

Cane’s got tons of images, info about the prices he saw–$9.99, $11.99, 16.99–though he notes that those numbers, as well as a lot of other stuff in the store, are likely to change by Saturday when the store goes live.

Cane has some strong words about iPad and the future. He imagines himself with an iPad in his hand and writes, “So there I was, holding a device that cost between $500-$870. Looking at these books. And you know what I thought? I thought: These are books I can finally buy because this machine I’m holding is something that will be permanent in my life. It doesn’t feel like or look like a disposable thing, like every eInk device. Those will go away. The iPad will not.”

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