A Baby Gave Alabama Football Bad Press

Baby SteeleIs this even possible? The hallowed University of Aaallll-a-BAMA football program up-in-arms about anything football related in the press? Yup. And the fandom’s arch nemesis is … wait for it … a newborn baby! 

This one pictured here. Meet Baby Steele. Ain’t he cute? Well, if you ask Alabama fans, the kid is about as ugly as an SEC losing record.

Evidently, Baby Steele’s parents are big “Roll Tide” fans. To wit, when they had a baby, they decided a proper homage would be to jack up said offspring’s name and alter its future forever.

And the social media universe tended to agree, much to the chagrin of the parents. Find out Baby Steele’s name, after the jump…

Meet Krimson Tyde Steele. Okay, okay. No one ever said these parents were Fulbright scholars. They just love their team (and the occasional adult beverage.) However, social media lit this dunderhead duo up via Twitter, according to FOX Sports.

I’m sure the press would like to interview Moxie Crimefighter Jillette, Jermajesty Jackson, North West and Apple Martin and any other poor child of Hollywood parents but we’ll have to stick with this for now.

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