85% Of Fans Don’t Follow Their Favorite Musicians On Twitter

Apparently, music fans are more likely to share tunes than follow their idols on Twitter. Despite the millions of followers that singers like Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber have amassed, data from Music WithMe suggests that up to 85 percent of music fans don’t follow their favorite artists on Twitter.

If these numbers hold true, there’s massive potential for musicians to increase their Twitter footprint.

Music WithMe, an iTunes to Android music service, examined a sample of its users who shared music via Pandora, Soundtracking, Slacker, or other services. They found that, on average, only 15 percent of users who shared an artist’s music actually followed that artist on Twitter.

Calling this the “Alicia Keys factor”, Music WithMe says that many artists have more fans than they know, it’s just a matter of connecting with them on Twitter.

Judging from the chart above, many artists don’t even capture half of their actual fans and convert them to Twitter followers. This is a huge opportunity, as Twitter integration with music-sharing services like Pandora could help artists accumulate followers. These followers are automatically more engaged fans, as they will be among the first to learn about upcoming album releases and singles (if the artist is effectively using Twitter).

What about you? Do you follow your favorite musicians on Twitter, or are you among the 85 percent who shares their music but does not follow them? Let us know in the comments below.

(Image courtesy of Rupena via Shutterstock)