7 Ways to Say Thank You on Twitter

When building relationships - on Twitter or in-person - a simple "thank you" can go a long way. Here are 7 ways that you can thank someone on Twitter.

When building relationships – on Twitter or in-person – a simple “thank you” can go a long way. Here are 7 ways that you can thank someone on Twitter.

1. Retweet

Perhaps the easiest way to thank someone for tweeting something valuable is by retweeting them. If a tweet made you think, educated you, made you laugh or was otherwise impactful, a single click can both share it with your own followers and alert the sender that you enjoyed their content.

2. Favorite

Another equally simple way to thank someone for their Twitter content is by favoriting it. There are a variety of ways to use the favorite button, but one strategy is to use it as a repository of valuable tweets and Twitter users. By favorite a tweet, you’re sending a message to the sender that you found it useful, and you are connecting them to the other tweets that you’ve favorited in the past.

3. Reply

To engage a bit more directly, you can use replies to thank Twitter users. In most cases, people tweet because they want to share something with the world. By replying, you’re letting them know not only that you saw and enjoyed their tweet (which a retweet or favorite will do), but that you want to interact with them about that topic, too.

4. Add them to a list

Twitter lists can be a great way to recognize the best of the best in your Twitter world. You can create a single list where you put those you admire or engage with most, in order to show appreciation for the content they tweet. Or, you can create multiple lists for various sectors, industries or subjects. Whatever your list strategy looks like, you can take the gratitude one step further by tweeting to new list members that they have been listed.

5. Recommendation them

If you’re looking to recognize someone for their great tweets, why not recommend them to others? You can participate in Follow Friday, or simply tweet something like “If you’re interested in xxx topic, @username is an amazing tweeter! Follow him/her!”. A public endorsement can net them a few new followers, and it shows them that you value their content.

6. Share their other content

If you’re grateful for what someone tweets, you can take the extra step to search out their blog, website, product pages or other social media accounts and do a little promotion on their behalf. They will appreciate you going out of your way to share their content.

7. Ask them a question

The best “thank you” on Twitter is a true engagement. You can thank someone by asking them to expand on their tweets – get a more detailed opinion, ask them their predictions about a trend, or what they like best about a product or industry.

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