7 Tips for Consistent Branding on Twitter

Building a brand is an essential part of standing out on social media. These 7 tips will help you build a consistent brand on Twitter.

Not sure about where to start when it comes to branding yourself on Twitter? These 7 tips will get you started building and maintaining your brand in 140-characters or less.

1. Don’t change your username.

The first thing you need to do when creating a Twitter account is choose a username – and you need to make sure it’s one that will stick. Businesses are wise to use their business name, and individuals usually use a variation of their full name. But whatever you choose, ensure that it will be the name you use for years to come. Because while it is possible to change your username on Twitter at any time, it can cause confusion among those who follow you and who want to talk to you.

2. Have a content strategy.

The tweets that you send all serve their individual purpose (whether that is to direct people to your website, share information or offer your opinion), but they also contribute to a larger goal: building your brand. On Twitter, your content is your voice, so ensure that each tweet is well thought-out and represents the core values that your brand embraces.

3. Be careful what you retweet and favorite.

Retweets and favorites are not necessarily always endorsements, but they do tie you to the content. If you are retweeting inappropriate jokes or favoriting politically-sensitive material, that might reflect poorly on your brand. Think before you interact.

4. Choose your @mentions wisely.

Just like retweets and favorites, the accounts you interact with reflect on your brand. It’s great to tweet to customers and partners, but having a bitter back-and-forth with a competitor might make your brand look petty.

5. Build lists with a purpose.

Twitter lists can be a powerful way not only to keep tabs on specific conversations among a curated group, but they can be used for branding as well. If you want to establish yourself as a thought leader, for instance, you can create a list and add influential members of your industry or community. Or, you can create lists of your partners, vendors, or top customers.

6. Tweet regularly.

The real-time nature of Twitter means that to build anything long-term, you have to tweet. A lot. If not, your infrequent tweets will easily be ignored by your audience. So work up to tweeting multiple times per day to ensure that your tweets stay on their radar, and that their content is consistently reinforcing your brand.

7. Tie Twitter to all of your other marketing.

Twitter is not an island, so don’t treat it like one. If you want your brand to be recognizable not only on Twitter but wherever your audience is, you must make sure that your voice, username, profile picture, style, and all other elements are consistent with the branding on your website, print and other online marketing material.

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