7 Hot Portable Fitness Tracking Devices

fitbitFor the fitness minded or those that need that extra push in motivation, the team at RotorBlog has sought out numerous portable fitness tracking devices and we’ve found seven unique devices to help you track and improve your workout routine:

1. Fitbit– featured in the 2008 Tech Crunch 50, FitBit makes us want to start working out- it acts as a pedometer, measures calories burned and distance travel and even measures sleep quality. Fitbit has a 3D motion sensor like a Wii and is one of the smaller devices on the market that can be worn in a variety of places, and all of your fitness information is uploaded to your Fitbit.com page to track online from anywhere. Fitbit is only $99.

2. Nike Plus– Nike + iPod helps you rock out at the gym while tracking your progress. Hook up your iPhone or iPod to record your running, noting distance, time and pace or connect your Nike+ shoes with built in sensor to track your running progress while the Nike+ voice tells you your progress. Nike+ syncs with your computer so you can track your goals and connect with others focused on their fitness goals also. The basic sport kit starts at $29.

3. Run Keeper– this iPhone app is among the most simple ways to track your fitness activities, not just running but cycling, hiking and skiing. All you do is press start when you begin your activity and Run Keeper will track your distance, speed and duration, syncing to you web dashboard to keep tabs on your fitness progress. One of the cool features of Run Keeper is that it will map your route and email you a link to share with others. Run Keeper is $9.99.

4. Garmin FR60– one of Garmin’s newest products is a wristwatch style gadget that logs time, heart rate and calories from jogging or even syncs with linked fitness equipment to log your fitness regimen. The FR60 is wireless and syncs to your computer automatically when in close enough proximity. It comes in various colors and can track up to 15 straight hours of activity. It’s swim friendly and has a bike mount for cyclists. The FR60 is $199.

5. Vetta RT277– this heavy duty cyclometer tracks current, maximum, and average speed as well as cadence and offers a cumulative odometer, trip distance, ride timer and a simple auto start and stop function. The RT277 has a replacable front cover, easy handle bar mounting and is one of the few on the market that is truly water resistant. The RT277 is $37.99.

6. Timex Ironman Tracker– stay fit with this wristwatch that tracks calories, pace, steps, distance and has the iconic Timex indigo night light which is great for night running. The Ironman has two interval timers, users claim to be one of the most comfortable options on the market. It’s water resistant and is used by triathletes, swimmers and skiers because it is waterproof. The Ironman Tracker is $90.

7. Garmin Forerunner– is a wrist mounted lap tracker measuring distance, time and calories and features integrated GPS displays that show progress on your favorite routes and saves up to 100 of your locations. The Forerunner is pretty cool because it has a virtual partner mode that lets you race against a digital competitor and set goals for distance, pace and time. The Forerunner has a history function that breaks down and graphs your stats and is $121.95.

Are you a runner, swimmer or cyclist? Which tracking device above do you use or plan on checking out? Let us know in the comments what your routine is and how you use or plan on using a fitness tracking device