60Photos Remains Facebook's Fastest Growing App

The newcomer 66Photos has had another banner week, and the same could be said for calendars and dating applications.

The newcomer 60Photos has had another banner week, and the same could be said for calendars and dating applications. Read on to learn what’s growing the fastest — and if you find yourself craving more numbers, take a look at our in-depth statistics tool used to build these rankings

Facebook’s Fastest Growing Applications

NameDAUMAUWeekly Growth
1. 60photos2,175,27443,242,6083,905,174
2. MyCalendar901,0156,520,0982,787,351
3. Static HTML: iframe tabs2,455,83741,044,6592,731,722
4. Zoo World895,1817,246,2901,405,593
5. Toolbar Widget743,8377,405,5121,403,339
6. My Calendar (Chinese)720,5422,977,9991,111,621
7. MeinKalender537,6505,057,7081,073,870
8. Are YOU Interested?900,80510,358,553950,068
9. Cupid496,6428,012,158901,593
10. Video Galerisi328,7531,669,618799,120
11. Words With Friends1,823,5664,333,058758,464
12. Profile Banner Welcome120,0502,234,728699,398
13. 21 questions1,686,63019,399,195636,139
14. Welcome tab app for Pages565,6548,697,353560,735
15. Mahjong Saga365,4782,772,704519,946
16. Gourmet Ranch404,8123,157,368502,831
17. MapleStory Adventures225,672583,069498,337
18. Socialbox435,1132,896,978458,612
19. Yahoo!10,811,90818,843,263457,618
20. Gardens of Time3,881,41116,256,209442,470


Though it continues to pick the oddest and least memorable set of photos for me without any obvious explanation, 60photos stays on top as Facebook’s fastest growing application for another week with a 3,905,174 increase.

Making itself cozy on the countdown after an extended disappearance, Profile Banner Welcome returns to count 699,398 adds – a finish good enough for 12th place.


MyCalendar nabs the second position accruing 2,787,351 new users. Not far behind in sixth, the Chinese alternative advances five spots as it welcomes 1,111,621 social networkers. MeinKalender also refuses to exit the top ten as it grips on to seventh place; the helpful German birthday reminder ends with a weekly growth total of 1,073,870.

Page Creation

In third place you will find Static HTML: iframe tabs hanging on for a competitive finish; the tool’s tabs built and view total comes in at 2,731,722. Welcome tab app for Pages for pages make the cut once again by tallying a 560,735 14th place week.


Leading the social gaming pack once more, Zoo World, created by RockYou, has another fourth place victory as it ending with a 1,405,593 increase.

News broke a few days ago that the 30 rounds of Words With Friends I currently cannot keep up with on my phone can now be played on Facebook, and this prompted a noteworthy 758,464 jump for the Zynga developed game. The game makes its first appearance by kicking off the second half of this week’s countdown.

Slipping to 15th, King.com’s Mahjong Saga ends the week with a 519,946 growth total. Just one place behind, 502,831 gamers have started growing their crops in Playdemic’s Gourmet Ranch.
Developer Nexton’s MapleStory Adventures is a newbie to our countdown, and its first ranking places it in the 17th spot garnering 498,337 adds.

Gardens Of Time closes us out this week with 442,470 new players.


Though I thought we saw the last of them, the dating applications reemerge once again to make a strong showing. Are You Interested finishes in eighth welcoming 950,068 minglers. On its heels, Cupid has a buzzing 901,593 weekly growth increase.


Taking a step forward to fifth, Toolbar Widget is now being used by an additional 1,403,339 social networkers. Chat from your desktop with Socialbox; the app’s 458,612 18th place total has it moving forward one spot from last week. Yahoo takes a hard slam down to 19th but sees 457,618 users synching their accounts.


ArcadeMonk’s Video Galerisi sees success as it cuts the fastest growing countdown in half; the Turkish video clips have 901,593 new viewers.


What was once a booming trend of answering and sharing revealing questions about friends now seems to be a dormant sleeper. Returning this week to be the only of its kind, 21 Questions rounds up a 636,139 increase good enough for 13th place.

Readers, did you find yourself regularly using any of this week’s fastest growing applications?