60 Percent Of Twitter Users Say They’re More Likely To Recommend A Brand If They Follow It [STATS]

Too many small businesses are hesitant to embrace social media, citing the fact that they don’t know exactly how it will help their business make sales.

However, new reports are coming out that show exactly what social media, and Twitter specifically, can do for your business. So next time you’re trying to sell your boss or a potential client on why they should be using Twitter, here are some stats to help you out.

This survey from Constant Contact and Chadwick Martin Bailey polled 1,491 consumers age 18 and older in January 2011.

In general, Twitter consumers are more likely to be online than Facebook users or other internet users. About 50 percent of Twitter users go online more than once per hour, compared to 29 percent of the general population.

And, while Twitter is still a new tool to many consumers – as nearly half of them have been tweeting for less than a year – they’re using it to follow the brands they want to hear from. 21 percent of those polled say they follow brands on Twitter.

As you might have expected, it’s the younger crowd who is following the most brands on Twitter: 26 percent of those under 35 follow at least one brand, compared to 17 percent of those age 35 to 49 and 13 percent of those age 50 and over.

And here’s where it gets interesting.

If you get a Twitter user’s attention, they will be attentive for some time. Only 13 percent say they have unfollowed a brand after following it.

Plus, 84 percent of respondents say they read the tweets coming from the brands they follow, so you’re being listened to if you get them to follow you.

60 percent of those who follow a brand say they’re more likely to recommend that brand to a friend, and half say they are more likely to buy that particular brand after following.

So there you have it – plenty of reasons why your brand, or your client’s, should be on Twitter.