’60 Minutes’ Covers Facebook Redesign

Mark Zuckerberg made a rather long appearance on 60 Minutes last night to introduce changes to the look of Facebook profile pages and rehash a bunch of stuff you probably already knew.

The announcement about the new look was released a few hours before the interview aired last night. Many of the changes are really a rearranging of users’ profile information.

But back to the interview. PaidContent points out the shortcomings of the interview – the aforementioned rehashing of information, overstating the changes that were made, and bringing up The Social Network long after it was news. But these are issues with the news program rather than Facebook.

Still, praise goes to Zuckerberg for polishing up his interview style (the segment featured clips from a previous interview at the All Things D conference, when Zuckerberg was a sweaty mess) and to Facebook as a whole for snagging a Sunday night spot. Forbes.com calls it “The best piece of Facebook PR yet.”

Video is available here and here.