6 Digital Stats of the Week That Grabbed Our Attention

From TV streaming to Facebook’s branded content boom

Branded content performs well on Facebook and publishers are getting into ad-tech. Getty Images
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Along with the holiday season’s cookies and gifts, the past week has also been packed with digital marketing stats.

Here are six data-based stories that stood out to us.

1. Live views

Sorry, Dick Clark, but smartphones have taken over how people celebrate New Year’s Eve and they aren’t necessarily watching the ball drop in New York’s Times Square.

According to Facebook, more than 10 million people used Facebook Live on New Year’s Eve, up 47 percent from 2016. In terms of top cities, people in Las Vegas and Orlando, Fla., apparently were the biggest streamers.

While not apples to apples, consider that Facebook delivered ten times the number of viewers as CNN. The network’s New Year’s Eve special with Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen raked in 1.7 million total viewers in prime time.

Click here to read more about Facebook’s findings.

2. Targeted TV

But wait, TV isn’t dead!

BrightLine, a company that inserts dynamic and interactive ads into TV, announced a new product that lets marketers target their promos from 30,000 audience segments on streaming services from networks like AMC, CBS, ESPN and platforms such as Roku, Apple and Amazon.

For example, marketers can zero in on characteristics that match a profile of “automotive buyers.”

In theory, the trove of audience segments will equip marketers with better data on who is seeing their ads.

3. Tuned-in listeners

From intriguing stories about tech scamming to the UFC, Adweek rounded up this year’s eight best podcast episodes.

Here’s one stat that shows how plugged in listeners are: S-Town—the podcast documenting the small-town life of John B. McLemore created by the teams at Serial and This American Life—was downloaded more than 50 million times.

Check out the rest of our picks here.

4. Top tweets

Social media analytics firm Talkwalker crunched the top tweets of 2017 based on engagement—which aggregates retweets and likes.

Wendy’s viral chicken nuggets and posts from singer Ariana Grande were among the most popular this year, but who claimed the No. 1 spot? A tweet from former president Barack Obama following the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Va., that accrued more than 71,000 replies, 1.7 million retweets and 4.6 million likes.

Here are all of 2017’s top tweets.

5. Branded content boom

Think that the only way to break through Facebook’s algorithm is with paid ads? Think again.

According to data from social analytics firm Shareablee, branded content posts on Facebook rack up twice as many earned media impressions as paid impressions for paid ads.

In an analysis of branded content posts from 10 publisher Pages, 833 branded content posts received 617,986 paid impressions and more than 1.2 million earned impressions. To compare, 265 standard ads from 47 brand Pages accumulated 375,489 paid impressions and 34,718 earned impressions.

Read more about Shareablee’s detailed report on Marketing Land.

6. Techy sales pitch

Publishers’ latest revenue maker: Ad-tech.

According to Digiday, Purch, which publishes tech and product review sites, makes $120 million in revenue with 20 percent (or $24 million) coming from ad-tech products that it licenses to 25 other publishers. The publisher pitches media companies on the tech that powers its ad platform and plans to increase its publisher clients to 40 in 2018.

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