5WPR Wins Again


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If there is one non-web2.0 PR agency more blogged than 5WPR, we’d like to know about it. Adjectives in the mainstream media beget expletives in the blogoshere with this firm, and accolades ignite the linklove too.

5WPR is listed on the O’Dwyer’s 100 as the fastest growing independent firm in for he U.S. for three years running (#22), and is #153 on the Inc. 500, while the firm’s CEO Ronn Torossian earned spots on the PRWeek 40 Under 40, and Gotham‘s 100 Most Eligible Bachelors for 2007.

Add another one to the list for 2007, and cue the flaming emails, as 5WPR is the winner of Morris+King‘s “Dishonorable Mention” Profnet Query Award for 2007. M+K Account Supervisor and co-compiler of the Best Profnet Queries, Justin Kazmark was quoted in the release, “yikes” regarding 5WPR’s “sketchy” net-cast for a tragedy victim to bolster a morning show spot.

The full portion of the release with winning query and Morris+King boilerplate (because I haven’t included it yet and because they might as well get some SEO in exchange for the Prof-smack) is after the jump:



Learn How to Find Treasure, Thwart Mosquitoes and Fight Chickens All in One Story!

And the First Ever Dishonorable Mention Award Goes to…

NEW YORK, NY–December 17, 2007, The Morris + King Company (MKC) (http://www.morris-king.com), one of the country’s most innovative and accomplished public relations and integrated marketing firms, today issued the second annual “Best ProfNet Queries of the Year” list.

Also for the first time this year, MKC has created a “Dishonorable Mention” category for the most sketchy ProfNet query of year. This year’s recipient, a PR firm, issued a query in hopes to secure a morning show segment (presumably for a client) by virtue of sourcing a car crash victim’s family member via ProfNet.

Dishonorable Mention

MEMBER ITEM: Personal Story of Death Due to Text Messaging—5W Public Relations

[Limited to the Northeast] For a national morning TV show based in NYC, I’m looking for personal stories of someone that lost a family member due to a car crash while text messaging on their cell phone. The person must be willing to go on the show and discuss their story.

“Yikes,” said Justin Kazmark, an account supervisor at The Morris + King Company.

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