5 Weird Apple Watch Apps That Are Already Out

You've probably already heard about the first brands to have Apple Watch apps. But some strange, more obscure apps have been popping up ahead of tomorrow's official launch.

Marketers are split about whether Apple Watch will have lasting power, but it seems developers and startups already are having some fun with the new device. Need to check your blood alcohol level? Looking for some motivation to get in shape? There are apps for that.



BACtrack makes personal breathalyzers—BAC is an acronym for blood alcohol content—a few of which work with smartphones.

Now there's a Bluetooth Apple Watch app that lets you do BAC tests on the go. After blowing into the breathalyzer, your BAC pops up on the touchscreen.

"We hope this will encourage people to test themselves and their friends more often, and inspire others to do the same, so that more people will make smart decisions while drinking," CEO Keith Nothacker told Adweek.

It's not hard to imagine the app turning drinking into a game of who can make their smartwatch buzz more.


Spin O Wrist

A quick search for "Apple Watch" in the App Store shows that someone has made a smartwatch version of Spin the Bottle.

The app, based on every middle school student's favorite game, doesn't appear to do a lot more than ... spin a bottle around in a circle.


Butt Trainer

Runtastic's rump-shaping app puts folks through a set of workouts and training plans designed to tone your backside.

With its app, you can set your training goals and check your progress with small bits of information on your Apple Watch.

"Who would have imagined that videos of lifelike avatars on your watch could guide you through a workout?" said Florian Gschwandtner, CEO and co-founder of Runtastic.



Need to track the status of a peculiar mole? Modiface has you covered.

The company is an augmented reality app that lets you test makeup and skin products. But its newest app, Skin, scans the skin in hard-to-reach places like the back of the neck. Skin then analyzes how dry the patch of skin is and gives it a score from zero to 10.

"We believe an app that allows you to scan any part of your body while providing a real-time camera view on a watch would be very useful," Modiface's founder and CEO Parham Aarabi told The Daily Dot.

It's actually a pretty neat idea if used correctly, but constantly monitoring your skin could also be disconcerting, particularly for hypochondriacs.



Parents who want to get their kids off the couch can now do it from their wrist.

PlayKids is a subcription-based mobile app that plays 200 kid-friendly videos from series like Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood and Sid the Science Kid.

The smartphone app is controlled by the Apple Watch version, which pings kids messages when it's time to take a break.