5 Ways To Hack The Facebook News Feed

We look at five different tools that aggregate social media and news content into a layout that looks like a newspaper or magazine.

Facebook is becoming an intriguing hot spot when it comes to receiving the latest information. On one end of the spectrum, we have the media sources that offer the latest local and world news. Conversely, it is also a spot for the latest updates on the personal lives of our friends. Today we look at five different tools that aggregate all of this content a layout that looks like a newspaper or magazine, which some people might consider more organized than how social media sites are designed. Read on to learn more about these applications.


Flipboard offers iPad users the opportunity to create a digital magazine experience from your profile on Facebook. Begin at a table of contents offering a variety of different social sites the application utilizes. Begin by simply connecting to your Facebook account. The app then offers all of the information shared by your friends and the pages you follow, in a layout that truly has all the attributes of a magazine.
The service makes it easy to access and comment on posts directly from within Flipboard. With a sleek design and layout, it serves as an alternative to check for updates besides using the Facebook application. I have read and heard of a few bugs and hiccups along the way which including page-loading time as an example. The application is a very popular selection though, and it even was named Apple’s iPad Application of the Year in 2010. Considering it is free, do you have much to lose? Give the application a try here.


LinkNotify brings you links shared by your friends, as well as pages you follow, in a news headline format that makes it easy to stay current in a more time efficient fashion. Using the service, you can block any unwanted friends or page links, without permanently removing them from your news feed.
Overall, LinkNotify is most useful for those who follow a number of businesses and news source. For anybody who feels as if content from pages takes over their news feed at times, the free service presents the latest from shared sites in a way that is less overwhelming. It also, at least in my case, entices me to click on more of the content.
Besides page loading issues I have personally seen – I had to hit the refresh button on more than a few occasions – this service does deliver on its promises.


Newsbook is an innovative social media content aggregator that just launched this week, calling itself a “cheat sheet for the most popular news online.” The tool offers a worthwhile shortcut to finding popular trends on Facebook.
This app organizes the biggest media sources — including CNN and The New York Times — into convenient categories. Under each article, you will find the total number of viewers that have shared the item. This is makes the hot topic issues just a click away, and makes staying current more time efficient.
Overall, Newsbook is certainly worth a visit. In the chaotic way new information is often presented on the web, this content aggregator offers a simplified digital news experience powered and directed by all Facebook users.


Paper.Li is an original concept, offering a Facebook newspaper comprised of various public posts built around a topic of your choice. Simply choose a title, a subject, which language you speak and within a couple of minutes your paper will appear.
Peruse your paper in six sections, as they would be organized in an actual printed edition. At the bottom of each update you will see the page or user that shared the information. While I was slightly confused as my initial expectations were that the content seen would be that from my own personal friends, I did quickly become just as intrigued by the information on the screen.