5 Twitter List Secrets From the Pros

Want to be better at using Twitter lists? These tips will take you to the next level.

Last week, I was the guest on Madalyn Sklar’s #TwitterSmarter chat. Over 220 of us gathered for an hour to discuss our top tips and tricks for rocking Twitter lists, and with 1,757 tweets sent, there were plenty of gems shared.

Here are five of the best from the chat, and from my own experiences managing my client’s social profiles. If you have any of your own to share, let us know in the comments below!

1. Give your lists awesome names

If you’re using lists as a networking tool, it doesn’t hurt to flatter the ego of those you want to network with! Instead of calling your list “People who tweet to me,” why not call it “Twitter Rockstars”?

2. Add yourself to lists (when it makes sense)

If you’re a member of a list, your tweets will appear alongside those of everyone else on that list. This can increase your exposure among the influencers and thought leaders you’ve already added. After all, as the creator of the “Twitter Rockstars” list, don’t you think your tweets deserve to be highlighted, too?

3. Use tools to manage your lists

There are plenty of third-party Twitter tools out there that can help you become a better tweeter.

For instance, a number of chat participants said they use IFTTT to automate the list-building process. By setting up recipes, they can create Twitter lists based on whether someone mentions them on Twitter or what they favorite.

3. Promote the public lists you’ve created

When you create a list, let the world know about it! Use any hashtags associated with the list’s topic, and don’t shy away from mentioning the usernames of some of the key members of that list along with your tweet.

4. Use lists to promote your next event

Events from conferences to concerts can benefit from the use of Twitter lists. Consider creating a list that includes the usernames of all of your event speakers or performers, for instance. Or, you could use an IFTTT recipe to gather all the event attendees who use the hashtag, to facilitate their networking and use for promotion before, during and after.

5. Create a “company directory” using lists

If your employees are big on Twitter, why not add them all to a list? This way they can network together, and you can show off your employee’s social media savvy to potential clients or customers.