5 Social Media Solutions for Managing Your Own Death

So what if the Mayans were wrong? Just because the world didn't end on Dec. 21, 2012 doesn't mean it can't end for you at any moment. Prepare your digital afterlife with these five tools.

So what if the Mayans were wrong? Just because the world didn’t end on Dec. 21, 2012 doesn’t mean it can’t end for you at any moment. Prepare your digital afterlife with these five tools.

1. MyOwnEulogy.com

With all the crying, hand-wringing, and other outward signs of mourning over your death, who can be trusted to deliver a powerful, yet heartfelt eulogy without blubbering their way through it? You, of course. This website provides a digital resting place for all the slideshows, poetry, and favorite songs that you’ll want on display at your funeral. When your loved ones open your virtual time capsule, they’ll find a ready-made premortem video eulogizing how great you are.

2.How to Write a Social Media Will

USA.gov has a handy list of things you’ll need to check off your list before you emigrate from America to Heaven, or wherever. In short: keep a list of all your sites and passwords, write what you want the executor of your social will to do with them, and make sure that this person has a copy of your death certificate.

3. Twitter Out

Twitter takes your truncated legacy very seriously. If your loved ones have the paperwork to back it up, they can arrange to have your account deactivated after you die.


4. Facebook Memorial

Will your friends still “like” you when you’re dead? At your friends’ request, Facebook will either memorialize your account or deactivate it. All they’ll need is the email address of the account and a link to an obituary or news article.


5. LifeNaut.com

If your parting words aren’t enough, you can create an avatar for yourself that your descendants can talk to for generations to come.

On LifeNaut, you can upload pictures, videos, and other data about yourself and create a timeline of your life with geo mapping and tagging tools. The avatar will move its mouth and blink as it fields questions as if it were you.

Check out the heart-to-heart we had with the sales avatar on the homepage:

Avatar: Are you real?

ST: Yes. Are you?

Avatar: Ich nicht Deutsches noch, können sprechen wir gefallen sprechen auf englisch?

ST: Fair enough. What’s your name?

Avatar: Mia

ST: Nice to meet you.

Mia: Well, you could say Thomas Mortlake is my creator.

ST: Are you a good dancer?

Mia shakes her head. 

Mia: I’m answering as best as I can.

ST: So that’s a no?

Mia: I like the taste.

ST: You’re weird.

We have a feeling that this technology hasn’t fully captured this lady’s essence, but we like where she’s going with this.

Privacy experts warn that your social media accounts can be used against you.

But hey, an internet memorial is a lot less risky than having your body cryogenically frozen.