5 Reasons Why Next2Friends is not Your Usual Social Networking Platform

next2friends.jpgWith the slew of social networking sites available on the web today, it is breather to encounter a new startup which diverts from the different route that these social sites usually takes. And it is these unique features which will make or break that social networking sites. For Next2Friends, a new communication platform and mobile based social networking experience, the reasons come not just in one but five reasons why we cannot call it as your usual social networking site.

  1. Intelligent Proximity matching – Next2Friends unique social networking and mobile platform bridges the gap between the real and the virtual world. Once you set up a Next2Friends profile and you have installed the Next2Friends on your Bluetooth enabled mobile device, the Next2Friends software will automatically collect and match your personal information with that of other Next2Friends members. The next time you login to your Next2Friends account you’ll see who are the other Next2Friends’ members who came in close proxity to your profile. Once you’ve selected those members, you can start doing all the fun ways of socially networking with them.
  2. Ask-A-Friend – Solicit the help of your Next2Friends network for advice on almost anything. When I say friends, I mean many friends, not just one. The more advices you get from many people, the better you can make the right decisions on just about anything. You can even create a poll and let your Next2Friends participate and receive their answers through your mobile phone.
  3. Live Streaming Video – Next2Friends’ real-time video streaming lets you share current important events to people who cannot make it in that event. With the use of your mobile device equipped with camera or even your web cam, you can instantly create a streaming video of the events you are currently attending and share it with your Next2Friends contacts.
  4. Online video editing – Next2Friends’ video editing software lets you edit videos even while live streaming these videos. Now, that’s what I call, ultimately useful.
  5. Video Messaging – Next2Friends let you record videos of yourself and send it through your mobile phone’s email feature.

There you have it, 5 reasons why Next2Friends can be called “a social networking site with a twist”. Next2Friends is currently available in beta. Be among Next2Friends pioneer members and be part of a possibly successful social networking site in the future.