5 More Twitter Tools to Help You Manage Followers

You might have your hands full with creating a tweet schedule, doing keyword searches for your brand name and handling customer support on Twitter, but an equally important part of a strong Twitter presence is managing your followers. We listed 5 free Twitter tools to help you manage followers last month, and since then we’ve found 5 more that will help your organize, manage, and filter your followers so your can enjoy an active Twitter following.


Twollo provides a keyword-based method for finding targeted people to follow. You can search for several keywords a month (the number varies on the plan you purchase), and Twollo will notify you of Twitter users who fit within that niche. Twollo lets you manage your followers by growing them. If you’re not quite ready to pay for this service, the company offers a free 2 keywords-per-month account if you sign in using your Twitter credentials.

This service is great if you’re looking to find people to follow within your niche, and it could be especially helpful if you’re hoping to get some reciprocal follow backs.


This has got to be one of the most useful ways to manage your Twitter account, period, especially if you are an avid email user. NutshellMail delivers a daily digest of all of the activity on your Twitter account right to your inbox. It can show you who your latest new followers are as well as those who recently unfollowed your account, in addition to a plethora of other information about the latest tweets, messages and @replies.

If you find that managing Twitter followers takes too much of your time, NutshellMail offers a great snapshot of new followers and recent quitters so you can understand how your account is doing.


Tweetpi is a simple tool that lets you manage your followers in the most basic, and useful ways: by unfollowing those who aren’t following you, by following users who have already followed you, by filtering out the too quite/too talkative from your list, and by showing you new avenues to discover users to follow.

Tweetpi is great for anyone who wants to do some massive following or unfollowing, and who doesn’t want to click through pages and pages of past followers to see who’s active, who’s following you, and who’s tweets are too overwhelming for your timeline.

Seesmic Web

While not designed specifically for Twitter, Seesmic Web allows you to manage your contacts across multiple social networks. It is a web application that works in any browser, and doesn’t require a download. The app makes managing Twitter contacts a pleasant experience, as it gives you all of the information you’ll need (like who is following you, how often they tweet) to make the decision about whether to unfollow them or not. Users can also be sorted into lists using the slick user interface.

This app is a must-have for brand management and Twitter follower pruning.

Just Tweet It

Just Tweet It connects you to fellow Twitter users who share your interest. Users can submit their Twitter account to a directory, and wait for other users to search for and follow them. Alternatively, users can also perform searches and browse the directories to find hundreds of like-minded Twitter users. Some of the most popular Directories on Just Tweet It include “Bloggers”, “Web Designers”, “Social Media” and “Entrepreneurs and Startups”, all of which have between 800 and 1700 listed accounts.

This is a great service if you’re looking to grow your follower and following count with targeted users.