5 (Free) Twitter Tools to Help You Manage Followers

You might think that getting to the point where you have to actually manage your followers is miles away – but you’d be wrong. Whether you have 20, 200 or 2,000 followers, you should be managing them to ensure that your list is full of active, interesting, and relevant accounts. This will help you target your tweets towards your audience, learn more about your own niche, provide breaking news, and much more. Here are our favorite 5 free Twitter tools to help you manage your followers.


ManageFlitter (previously known as ManageTwitter), helps you organize your Twitter “following” list. You can discover who isn’t following you back, or who is inactive. The user interface is very friendly – a sad smiley indicates that someone isn’t following you back, a red button with an “X” through it indicates that they’re inactive, and up and down arrows show just how talkative or quiet they are. You can use this information to judge whether you still want to follow someone, and ManageFlitter let’s you bulk unfollow those who you deem unworthy.

Who Follows Whom

This grammatically-correct application shows you which Twitter users are following, and followed by, the same users. You simply enter two to five Twitter usernames into the fields on the application’s homepage, and click “Find Out Results”. Who Follows Whom will display the users that these accounts have in common, both as followers and those they are following. This way, you can find accounts to follow that share similar interests as you or as another account you follow.


With TweetEffect, you can see which updates got you followers, and which ones lost you followers. You can enter a username (doesn’t have to be your own) to see how your follower count changed after each update. This way, you can revise what you tweet in order to attract more followers and lose fewer.

Friend or Follow

Friend or Follow displays the users that you are following who are not following your back. It also shows you who is following you who you’re not following, and your mutual connections. You can sort the list by username, account age, latest tweet and a number of other criteria. While Friend or Follow doesn’t allow you to bulk unfollow, you can navigate to each account’s profile page and make the decision about whether they deserve the ax from there.


Currently available only as a Chrome extension, Proxlet helps your manage your Twitter followers without having to actually unfollow or add anyone. Among other things, it allows you to temporarily mute noisy or annoying users so that you can focus on the users you want to hear from. This would be particularly useful if one or a handful of the users you follow suddenly decides to tweet half-hourly updates about their trip to Disney Land. Proxlet also lets you filter out certain hashtag conversations and show only tweets with links to further customize your Twitter experience.