5 Cool Things You Can Do at Glinkster, a Social Networking Site for Gamers

glinkster.jpgGamers have been pretty much alive and kicking online since ages ago. And in today’s web 2.0 era, it is but natural that they should have their own social networking site. Contrary to what the normal people say, gamers are not actually the most “anti-social” type of human being. In fact, in their quest for game supremacy and in thei desire each every game they want to conquer, gamers have been pretty much relying on their fellow gamers. Gamers have been socializing with fellow gamers through online forums and chatrooms before – and now through social networks as well, and Glinkster is one of them.

Glinkster is bringing the social web into the gaming community via its own social network. Ironically, whereas video games rely mostly on colorful graphics and animation in its realm, Glinkster goes towards the other way and was created as a simple, not as colorful as video games are.

The Glinkster portal is as simple as it gets in terms of overall portal design. But it compensates for the cool features you could possible use in the social networking site. And here are 5 major cool things you can do at Glinkster.

  • Glink it – vote for links you find on the net that is related to gaming. That link moves up the Glinkster page as soon as other members link to it. So, the more member glink a particular link, the more relevant it becomes to the gaming community
  • Social bookmarking – Think of Digg or Del.icio.us with a specific niche which is gaming and that’s how Glinkster’s social bookmarking is all about. You can create and manage your own social bookmarks consisting of links that you have Glinked
  • Tagging – Yes, gamers know something about organizing information through Tagging too. Gamers know about tag clouds and the importance of tagging cool gaming-related stuff for easy access by their fellow gamers later on.
  • Accumulate Glink Score – You can up your Glink score by submitting relevant links to Glinkster. The more relevant your links are, the higher your score becomes. Once the links you submitted are linked to by other members, your Glink score increases as well. Think of it as a member voting system whereby members increase the reliability and reputation of other Glinkster members by the links they submit. Did I lost you there? Well, don’t mind what this Glink score is about yet. You’ll soon understand about it once you become a Glinkster member and start “Glinking” relevant gaming links.

Have fun and enjoy the game fanboys.