5 Android Apps For The Road

As we head into the Memorial Day holiday weekend in the U.S., I am preparing for my annual week long vacation to visit family and friends that I personally refer to as the 2011 Lake Michigan Tour. My preparations include making sure that I have key apps on my Nexus S, which I find vital when traveling. Here are five Android apps for the road.

TriptIt: I’ll be staying in several hotels during my trip, most of which I made reservations with this week. As soon as I received the email confirmation of my reservations TripIt automatically found that information in my Inbox and built an itinerary that I can access on my phone. TripIt not only puts all my reservations in one spot, it provides easy links to maps to the hotel.

Glympse: Rarely when traveling does one arrive at the destinations exactly on time. I’ll be driving through Chicago tomorrow, which always seems to have construction on major freeways that can cause one to take hours just to get through the city. Glympse provides a secure, invite-only web site, where my friend can see exactly where I am on my trip to his house and be able to better anticipate my arrival.

Google Listen: I am going to be driving in my car for hours at a time on this trip, so I’ll need plenty of entertainment. I will use Google Listen to listen to my favorite podcasts during my trip, and if I run out of episodes of those podcasts I can easily search for others.

Picplz: I’ll be taking at least one digital camera with me, but the easiest way to share pictures of my trip with my friends is from my Nexus S using Picplz. The pictures I take with Picplz are automatically shared to Facebook and Twitter, and a backup copy is automatically stored on my Dropbox account. My one wish is that Picplz provided the ability to share pictures to specific email addresses.

Google Sky Map: My trip will take me to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, which has the most beautiful night skies. If you like star gazing like me, you’ll find Google Sky Map fun because it augments what the phone camera sees in the night sky with information about what it sees, like the names of planets and constellations. This is not your typical travel app, but if your travels take you outdoors I think this is an app worth having on your phone.