460,000 New Twitter Accounts Created Per Day and Other Numbers

Happy birthday Twitter! It’s five years ago this week that a small team of developers and creative types started working on Twitter. Although, as we know, it was called “Twttr” back then. In celebration of its fifth birthday, Twitter has released some very interesting stats about where it was back then, and where it is now.

You wouldn’t expect any other five-year-old to be this popular, but Twitter has seen massive growth in the past few years. For example, it took three years, two months, and one day from its creation five years ago for the billionth tweet to be sent. Now, it takes just one week for users to tweet a billion tweets.

And nearly half a million people are signing up for Twitter each day. Over the past month, the average number of new accounts, per day, was 460,000 – and on March 12th, 572,000 new accounts were created.

Just one year ago, people were sending out 50 billion tweets per day. And now? It’s nearly tripled to 140 million.

When Michael Jackson died on June 25, 2009, Twitter users set a record, sending 456 tweets per second. This past Japanese New Year, however, blew that record out of the water as the tweets per second reached 6,939.

And Twitter employees have been growing at a steady pace too. They started with just 8 employees back in January 2008; grew to 29 in January 2009; up to 130 in January 2010; 350 in January 2011; and as of right now they have around 400.

While the Twitter blog goes over all these stats, it’s interesting to think about where you were when Twitter was seeing all of this growth over the past five years. Were you an early adopter, learning how to use hashtags just by imitation? Or did you sign on as part of one of the huge waves of new accounts created in 2010?

Oh, and that logo up there? That’s Twitter’s very first logo, courtesy of Jack Dorsey’s Tumblr.