37Games Launches Siegelord in Open Beta on Browser

Siegelord37Games has announced the launch of Siegelord in open beta on Facebook and in browsers. The medieval strategy MMO sees players building up their kingdom and fighting as one of three factions for control of the land. The city-building portion of the game will see players balancing the use of resources as they construct farmlands, sawmills, barracks and more. As their military power grows, players will recruit generals and outfit them with collected gear before taking them into battle.

In Siegelord, players must rebuild their kingdom after it suffers an attack. Buildings produce resources over time, including food, timber and gold, and gamers have access to construction teams, which can upgrade the individual buildings within each “hub” of the city. In the sawmill hub, for instance, players build log cabins, pine plantation buildings, lumberyards and more. Again, each of these buildings can be upgraded, which increases their productivity.

Outside of city-building, players will need to battle enemy camps in their quest for dominance. During combat, players have the option of employing one of three main tactics, which relate to each other in a “rock, paper, scissors” mechanic. If the enemy uses defensive tactics, for instance, players can go on the offensive with a straight attack. Assault tactics are even stronger than these straight attacks, but weak against defensive strategies, and so on. To be specific, the enemy will choose a tactic (this is visible to the user), and players have a limited amount of time to choose their own in response.SiegelordPlayers progress through the game via a quest system, and will recruit new generals as they complete these quests. Players can take up to five generals (and their armies) into each battle, changing their battle formation to impact the kinds of troops that appear first on the front lines.

In addition to fighting against computer-controlled camps, players also have access to player-vs-player battles. An additional social feature allows users to chat with other players in real time.

As players collect coins, they can spend these on new gear for their generals. When players have excess gear, they can sell those items to earn back some of their money.

Siegelord is available to play for free on Facebook and in browsers, and is supported via in-app purchases.