How To Attract 3,000 Facebook Fans in 30 Days

If you have a brand but haven’t yet mastered the most effective techniques to attracting new followers and fans, you are not alone. With Facebook updating their design and platform on a regular basis it has become challenging for brands to follow everything that’s changing let alone learn all of the techniques necessary to maximize their reach. We understand the challenges that you face which is why we are introducing the 30 Days to 3,000 Facebook Fans project.

Thousands of people have already registered to access our previous guides on Facebook privacy and Facebook pages, and we expect this guide to be the best one yet.

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Why Does Your Brand Want 3,000 Facebook Fans?

When Facebook launched their new design last month, millions of users revolted against the change but as things have quieted down, one group not complaining is brands. Facebook’s redesigned homepage provides brands with the same level of interaction that users have among their friends yet only a few shining brands have truly leveraged Facebook’s redesign to its full potential. We’ve spent the past month experimenting with Facebook’s redeveloped pages product (which is now called “public profiles”) and have seen what it has to offer.

While the company will be launching more features to provide brands with greater exposure and greater access to their public profile’s data, there is already plenty available for brands to take advantage of. So before discussing how to attract thousands of fans to your public profile within a month, I think it would be best to explain why your brand wants thousands of fans.

It should be obvious to any marketer that thousands of fans can create an extremely effective promotional channel but can you actually take action to drive more fans or is it just a natural evolution? As Fred Wilson states, the future is in “earned” media, not paid and Facebook is one of the primary platforms for earned media. Large companies like Coca-Cola will have fans that set up pages for them and those pages can often grow to millions of users but unfortunately small to medium-sized businesses as well as individuals can’t just set up a page and let the people do the rest.

Instead, less known brands need to invest heavily in brand development and leverage the various social media channels available to them to interact directly with their followers, fans, and customers. For this guide we used 3,000 fans as a high yet reachable target that brands can attract through actionable tasks. Some will attract more and some will attract less but after 30 days I have no doubt that you will have all the tools necessary to build a more effective brand presence on Facebook.

What The Project Involves And How To Participate

Starting in approximately two weeks, we will spend 30 days listing out all of the techniques needed to maximize the effectiveness of your brand’s Facebook public profile. The reason we aren’t starting sooner is that I want to make sure that we have truly developed an effective program for maximizing your experience with Facebook public profiles. In 30 days you should have 30 techniques that you can put into practice immediately.

You can unsubscribe at any point. Every day of the project you will receive some educational content and one actionable task that you can implement immediately. If you want to participate enter your email and name in the form below. For joining we will also send you a free copy of our popular guide about “How to Develop A Facebook Page That Attracts Millions of Fans“.

We will then send you an update in the next two weeks with the first day of the project. Get started and enter your name and email below!

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