3 ways to ramp up your Facebook login conversion rates

Facebook recently launched a guide to help companies optimize their app’s login conversion rates – ideally pushing them above 70 percent.

Following the best practices spelled out in the Login checklist published in August has helped high-profile companies, including FourSquare and Lyft, consistently reach login conversion rates higher than 90 percent.

A Facebook spokesperson told Inside Facebook that the guide is part of a long-term campaign:

These materials are part of Facebook’s ongoing efforts to continually improve the Facebook Login experience for developers and users alike.

Here are three ways to simplify the user login experience:

1. Don’t ask for too many permissions

Don’t get greedy, folks. Just ask for what you need. Keeping it simple makes it more likely a user will agree to the terms. You can always ask for more permissions later, like before posting an action from the app to the Facebook Newsfeed. Lyft, for example, only asks for public profile, friend list and email contacts. Lyft Product Manager Frank Yoo says less is more:

We ask for a minimal set of permissions with Facebook to reduce friction at sign up.

2. If user hits cancel, don’t display the login dialogue again right away

Don’t ask desperate or you’ll scare away your customer. Think about how you’d react if that happened to you. It’s frustrating to see the same dialogue box right after you nixed the old one. Instead, communicate the perks of Facebook Login beforehand. Bejeweled Blitz, for example, urges users to sign in via Facebook so they can compete with friends.

3. Ask to publish to Facebook when users are about to share within the app

Instead of lumping the share permissions with the initial read permissions, better just ask when people are about to share anyway. Foursquare only asks permission to share on Facebook after a user already checks in. Yelp, too.

Find more best practices by visiting updated Facebook Login checklist. Or submit questions straight to the Login team by signing up now for the Oct. 24 Facebook Login webinar.