3 Ways the Apture Bar Will Boost Your Readership

Looming menacingly on Apture’s About page is a frightening stat for many web publishers: 30% of most publishers’ outbound traffic is lost to search, according to comScore Media Metrix data. That’s 1/3 of all outbound traffic moving away from your site to search for something else. Apture hopes that its innovative context-oriented web service will help publishers retain some of that previously lost traffic and replace outside searches with internal context.

By Making Sharing Easy

The Apture Bar can be installed on any website and basically folds in all contextual information on the web right into the content that the reader encounters. This way, readers do not need to leave your site to share something they read or search for more information on a topic.

Sites with Apture see visitors sharing articles 2-5 times more often than sites without the bar. Apture makes it incredibly easy for visitors to share on Facebook, Twitter or via email. As soon as a visitor scrolls down on your site, the Apture Bar – fully branded with your site’s logo – appears with three large “Share” buttons and a search feature. The visibility of the sharing options and their stickiness to the top bar makes them attractive for readers, and thus far has proven to be a successful way to get people to engage with media on their social networks.

By Keeping your Brand Visible

The Apture Bar keeps your brand visible even when the visitor scrolls down the page. This means that you’ll be more firmly associated with the content they read. When the visitor scrolls down, a bar appears and sticks to the top of the screen. This bar includes your brand’s logo, as well as social sharing buttons and a search function.

Apture currently has relationships with many big name brands on the web, including the BBC, Washington Post and New York Times. These are solid brands with decades of history and cultivated brand loyalty. By adding the Apture Bar, they increase their visibility without encumbering the reader with a popup or clutter, and ensure that their web content is consistently branded.

By Giving your Reader Context

The centerpiece of the Apture system is its ability to give context to your reader – while keeping them on your page. This way, readers are not lost to a search engine to look up an interesting stat they read on your site. With the Apture Bar installed, any word or phrase can be highlighted and a contextual search is conducted to expand your reader’s knowledge of the item without driving them off your site. The internal search includes Wikipedia, YouTube, Google News, and your own website.

Apture was created through discussions between engineers and journalists, and displays the best of both worlds. Its implementation is smooth and streamlined, offering easy installation and maintenance for the publisher and seamless contextual integration for the visitor. It is a tool for bloggers, journalists and publishers who want to dive head-first into the richness of media that the web offers.