3 Tips From Twitter on Monetizing Your Mobile App

Twitter has released new tips for mobile developers looking to make money with their apps.

Twitter has released new tips for mobile developers looking to make money with their apps.

Once developers have determined they’re allowed to monetize their app (they may not be allowed to, depending on the content APIs their app utilizes), Twitter suggested they ask themselves three questions about their app to determine the best monetization strategy:

  • Can you just charge people for [the app] outright?
  • Are you selling anything, be it physical goods, in-app purchases or subscriptions?
  • Do you have a good place to put ads in your app?

To decide whether or not to charge for an app, Twitter said developers can charge for apps that provide a solution to a problem users have, which would encourage them to make a purchase.

Meanwhile, for developers looking to sell products within their apps, Twitter suggested utilizing end-to-end solutions for tracking inventory, managing payments and POS systems. For developers who wish to only use an API for payments, Twitter suggested looking into options like Stripe or Square, among others.

Finally, Twitter encouraged developers to consider placing banner, interstitial or native ads in their apps. While banner ads are simple to integrate, Twitter said interstitial ads can ‘command higher prices from advertisers’ because these ads take over the entire screen, rather than resting along the edge. Twitter said developers should test ads first, to ensure they’ve determined the best ad strategy for their app.

In a blog post, Bear Douglas, developer advocate at Twitter, commented:

At the end of the day, don’t be afraid to experiment a little bit. It may take you a little while to hit on the perfect balance of revenue sources for your app, but it gets you that much closer to making it a real business.

Readers: Do you prefer paid apps without ads, or free apps with ads?