3 Steps to Gaining 20,000 Followers in one Weekend (Hint: Step One is “Be Jon Stewart”)

Struggling to gain even 10 new Twitter followers a week? We’ve just learned one of the best secrets to gaining a massive amount of quality Twitter followers in a single weekend. And all it takes are three simple steps… and a dash of humor, a pinch of satire, and a whole lot of celebrity clout.

We’ve seen a single Twitter account start with 0 followers, and explode to over 18,000 in just three short days. And none of those followers were “purchased” through a shady scam, or even found through marketing. No, they are all following this Twitter account because of a single media mention and a ton of organic growth.

Want in on the secret? Well here’s how you can emulate this success:

Step One: Be Jon Stewart
Step Two: Create “Gay Obama” parody Twitter account
Step Three: Talk about “Gay Obama” parody Twitter account on The Daily Show

Alright, so maybe this “secret” isn’t really much of a secret… but it sure is one of the most unique ways we’ve seen a new Twitter account explode with followers. And they’re engaged followers, too.

Jon Stewart announced the @GayObama Twitter account on his show on Thursday February 24th. At the time, it had zero followers, and 6 tweets. Not too impressive. On Monday, just three days later, the account has rocketed to about 18,200 followers with only three additional tweets.

And not only is the follower count massive: @GayObama is in the 98.98th percentile of Twitter accounts in terms of how often it is retweeted, according to Retweet Rank.

See how easy it is to have a successful Twitter account? Just be famous, create a parody account, and mention it on your hit TV show. Simple, no?

If you want the details on exactly why Stewart created a Gay Obama Twitter account (as we’re sure you must be ultra curious), check out The Daily Show’s February 24th broadcast at The Daily Show‘s website.