2K Announces Original BioShock for iOS

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2K has today announced the upcoming release of the original BioShock on iOS devices. Originally released on PC and Xbox 360 in 2007, the game is one of 2K’s highest rated titles of all time.

In BioShock, gamers travel to the year 1960 and explore the underwater city of Rapture, a failed utopia created as an escape for the world’s upperclass. The dilapidated city was thrown into turmoil after the discovery of ADAM, a substance capable of changing the DNA of users, giving them superhuman abilities (like telekinesis).

Players must find a way to escape the city, while surviving encounters with the city’s mutated survivors, as well Big Daddies, large guardians of the ADAM-harvesting Little Sisters. From 2006-2007, BioShock received more than 28 awards for its art style, storyline, audio and overall quality.

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The game is being built using Havok’s technology, including Havok Physics and Havok Animation Studio.

“It’s a true testament to the power and breadth of Havok Physics and Havok Animation Studio that these technologies have seamlessly transitioned from a AAA console title to an amazing mobile experience,” said Brian Waddle, VP of worldwide sales and marketing at Havok. “Just as BioShock redefined the scope of what a game could and should be, the 2K Games team has proven that mobile devices can go beyond simple apps and offer a wholly mature and complete gaming experience akin to those seen on high end gaming platforms.”

The first-person-shooter will offer touch controls and Made for iPhone (MFi) controller support, and will launch as a premium title later this summer. The game will be compatible with iPad Air, iPad Mini 2, iPad 4 and iPhone 5+. It will not run on earlier devices. Check back soon for more.