20 Eco-Friendly 'Green People' to Follow on Twitter

eco_twitThere are so many amazing people on Twitter that are devoted to green living that range from moms talking about toxins to policy analysts to outright activism.

We’ve compiled a list of 20 Green People to follow on Twitter that you should check out to stay current on green trends and politics or even just to learn tips on how to improve your own footprint here on Earth.

1. @algore is the former United States Vice President, Nobel-prize winner and filmmaker focused on climate change activism.

2. @britesprite is a British journalist writing about sustainability and advocate of boycotting companies such as Walmart and Sam’s Club for environmental reasons.

3. @byjohanne focuses on green branding and marketing and is the founder of Canadian environmental group, David Suzuki Foundation.

4. @crunchygoddess is a mom blogger whose claim to fame is increasing environmental and green family living awareness as well as “raising new tree huggers.”

5. @greeneconomy The Green Economy Initiative tracks investment in green economy.

6. @ecofashionista is a social entrepreneur, founder of Fashion Takes Action, and sustainable living activist.

7. @ecopolitologist is a green policy analyst, environmental enthusiast and is the Editor of GreenOptions.com and ecopolitology.com.

8. @ecovegangal is a filmmaker at Engage Productions and advocates all things eco-friendly, vegan and organic.

9. @focusorganic is the founder of FocusOrganic.com where she educates others on organic products because of her love of nature.

10. @forestpolicy environmental policy analyst, eco-centric artist, is the editor of ForestPolicyResearch.com and involved in the Activism Technology group in Washington.

11. @greenlagirl environmental blogger advocating sustainable living as well as international fair trade policies.

12. @greenrobeen tweets about green living on a budget and educates people on how to minimize exposure to toxins.

13. @greenskeptic is a social capitalist investing in clean technologies, founder of GreenSkeptic.com and frequently writes about green economics.

14. @hummingbird604 environmental policy and sustainability researcher, educator and consultant with a focus on urban sustainability.

15. @ksuzj is the web producer for the National Wildlife Federation and runs the @nwf handle.

16. @lazye author of The Lazy Environmentalist on a Budget and tweets about affordable green innovations.

17. @oliviazaleski hosts CNN and Fortune Magazine’s Business of Green series and is a green living and green business advocate writing at CNNmoney.com as an eco reporter.

18. @organic_beauty_ tweets about organic beauty products and how to buy eco-friendly gifts and home products without breaking the bank.

19. @sroakes is the host of Discovery Channel’s “Planet Green” and is a highly regarded social environmental activist.

20. @thesmartmama is a product lawyer and mother who authored “Smart Mama’s Green Guide” to reduce childrens’ toxic chemical exposure.

Because there are thousands of people on Twitter that are devoted to eco-friendly matters, this is just a snapshot of some of the top movers and shakers, so we want you to tell us in the comments who YOUR top Green People on Twitter are!