12 Free Online Slideshow Creators

Whether showing off a project or simply sharing pictures from vacation, people across the globe use online slideshow sites to spice up, animate and rock out any set of digital pictures- all for free.

We’ve highlighted the most popular online slideshow creators…

Animoto – One of the most robust, modern options for slideshows is Animoto which allows you to quickly upload your pictures, select music and the algorithm times the movement of your pictures with your selected movement automatically- it’s like MTV crawled into your computer and designed a custom video for you!

Slide – A slideshow creator made especially for sharing on social networks such as Facebook, Bebo and more. Slide has a wide variety of music options and design additions to amp up any slideshow!

Slideroll – An optional downloadable desktop editor allows users to create flash photo and video galleries that are fully embeddable to your website and allow comments from other users. Add stock music or even your own (with a little code tweaking!).

Monoslideshow – Mono offers one of the most clean, fresh slideshows with no border or you tube-esque visual frames which is perfect for portfolios or professional shows for your website (plus it has Ken Burns effects which is always a major plus). Used by blog platform Tumblr.

Imageloop – An easy slideshow creator, perfect for the beginner or people used to the MySpace interface. It offers preset themes, for example an iPhone theme to make it look like your uploaded pictures are being viewed on in iPhone.

RockYou – Pulls photos you’ve already uploaded to sites like Photobucket and Facebook and gives them a face lift (complete with music) then prepares them to be shared on social networks like MySpace and Facebook.

Smilebox – Add your photos, videos, words, and music and then e-mail, blog, print or burn it to a DVD. Hundreds of templates ensure you’ll get “miles of smiles” from your family and friends.

Kizoa – This slideshow creator is easy to use and produces a nice Flash-based product. My pnly gripe is that it forces your browser window to the max size, and that drives me nuts.

Drupal Sildeshow – Users of this great open source CMS that was recently adopted by the White House, have easy access to turn uploaded images into a JavaScript enabled slideshow.

Dijit – This Web-based widget creator lets you take your own original photo slideshow and post it on your MySpace or Facebook account. You can also allow people to download your goods.

Wix – Taking the legwork out of learning Flash, Wix requires no downloads or programming, and gives the novice a chance to roll out a slick looking slideshow.

Moblyng – A developer of cross-platform games for mobile devices and social networks, the site also features a slideshow creator. Add captions, skins and music to give your photos a unique spin. Grab the embed code and make it mobile.

Which slideshow creators have you used? Share a link of your best slideshow in the comments below.

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