10 Trends Driving Visual Content Marketing in 2017 (Infographic)

A recent survey reveals how marketers are using visual media and the challenges they face.

Visual content has become so prevalent that it’s no longer just a piece of the marketing industry, but its core. The widespread adoption of video across almost all platforms means that marketers need to refocus their efforts throughout 2017. An infographic from Venngage examines how marketers are using visual content and the challenges they face.

Venngage surveyed more than 300 marketers and found that the percentage using visual content as part of overall strategy is increasing. 53 percent of the survey participants said that between 91 and 100 percent of their published content contained visual material, and more than 90 percent are using visual content in at least one-half of their posts.

There seems to be a disconnect between methods and outcomes when it comes to which content marketers select. While 35 percent of the survey participants reported choosing stock images most frequently, fewer than 8 percent reported high engagement related to those photos. More than 40 percent reported infographics as most engaging, while 25 percent said the same of data visualizations and charts and 20.2 percent saw the most engagement with videos and presentations.

When it comes to marketing strategy going into 2017, marketers are in agreement on the best ways forward: 60 percent said visual content is “absolutely necessary,” and 31 percent said it is “very important.”

It doesn’t matter if your marketing is social, paid or native, influenced, programmatic or otherwise, visual content is the core element that needs to tie all your strategies together. View the infographic below for more insight.