10 Politicans That Every Politico Needs To Follow on Twitter

Political news travels fast -- it can take more than a few New York Times articles to stay on top of the rumor mill. For news junkies, Twitter is great as an alternative source for journalism... But who should you follow?

Political news travels fast — it can take more than a few New York Times articles to stay on top of the rumor mill. For news junkies, Twitter is great as an alternative source for journalism. But if you’re truly interested in the twists and turns of politics at its feistiest, Twitter becomes even more useful as it lets you follow specific politicians to see what they’re up to and what their most recent soundbytes are revealing. If you’re a politico and you know it, raise your hand….and then follow these 10 politicians on Twitter.

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin is an obvious choice, but it’s hard to neglect the sheer interest of her public comments, even though she is no longer the Alaskan governor or a vice presidential candidate. Follow @SarahPalinUSA to keep half an eye on this rogue politician. One of her latest preoccupations? A good old tradition from the Alaskan frontier: the Irondog Race.

Rahm Emanuel

Emanuel’s an interesting character, if only for the many political hats he’s recently worn — as Obama’s White House Chief of Staff and mayor-elect of Chicago, he’s racked up his fair share of power points. @RahmEmanuel has recently been tweeting about his efforts to hit the ground running in Chicago. It’s worth following him just to see how this transition plays out.

Bobby Jindal

As the governor of Louisiana, arguably the hardest-hit state in the last decade, Bobby Jindal’s efforts are of interest to the nation as a whole. And as the youngest governor in the United States, politicos should expect him to use his Twitter account as only a member of a younger generation could. So far @BobbyJindal may not tweet on the hour like some other hot celebs, but he has been known to make good use of a few Twitter tricks, like the hashtag.

Mike Huckabee

@GovMikeHuckabee may no longer be the governor of Arkansas, but many a politico will remember his charisma from the 2008 presidential race — charisma he will likely employ once more in the 2012 campaign. His tweets release standard information like his book tour stops, but also zippy one-liners that politicos will love to analyze — like this:

Harry Reid

Whereas Huckabee may be looking to take a seat of power in the somewhat-near future, Harry Reid already has one. He is the Senate majority leader, and as such, the tweets from @SenatorReid have an appropriate slant towards legislative action.

Newt Gingrich

Whether you’re new on the political track or have followed this kind of news for years, Newt Gingrich is sure to intrigue you. Follow his @NewtGingrich account even for the reason that he updates consistently — no matter what side of the political spectrum you fall on, polarizing tweets like “Happy Birthday to the Tea Party Movement!” are always interesting to read.

Nancy Pelosi

She’s one of the most powerful women in the United States, and one of the most powerful people, regardless of gender, in the government. Former speaker and current minority leader, @NancyPelosi regularly releases meaningful tweets about key issues like healthcare.

Barbara Boxer

Another powerhouse and congressional veteran, Boxer is worth following for her political clout both in Congress and for Californians. Given California’s particularly rough deficit problems, @SenatorBoxer‘s tweets about congressional economic decisions carry more weight for politicos.

Michael Bloomberg

Bloomberg’s political position is a hefty one — as the mayor of New York City, you could almost say he presides over one of the greatest centers of commerce, arts, and entertainment in the world. His @MikeBloomberg account claims that he is an “Entrepreneur, Mayor of New York City, Philanthropist, Independent Leader.” We’ll leave it up to you politicos to decide how well he juggles all those roles.

John Edwards

Though Edwards may be in exile from the political scene, and though his late wife Elizabeth Edwards has a reputation that far outshines his at the moment, politicos may want to follow @JohnEdwards — an account that has been inactive for years — just to see if he dare creep back on the scene again after his disastrous scandals.